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Made at the time of the Roman Empire, an ancient city of Ephesus, where many civilizations lived. Ephesus is located in the most beautiful place and this is the first public slopes are inhabited houses. Slope at the location of the houses the town hall and the king's palace is located. The ephesus tours columns are made very nice fountains and statues are decorated with the King's road. King has joined the people on the way to the box description and entertainment are organized. The first, which is a very nice structure and a wide variety of stonework having been the first time in this way complement the defect outdoor toilet and inas they have used here. on both sides with King's statue fountain toja. Finally Kaps heart sign with one input and many rooms have occurred and there was a natural ventilation system. 



Ephesus, where a wide variety of lima city is decorated with flowers and trees. Located in the port city Celus Libray has a very nice   Ephesus tours , tours in ephesus architecture and the art work here. outside the two-storey interior of this building is single storey and is made to receive more light. Greek and Latin manuscripts of Arapaç bulunmaktadır.özellikl caravans come with a very nice ship goods all over Europe and then spread to Italy and is ago. From every point of the city of Ephesus is in place, it seems güzdl. There is a wonderful and very special theater and the center coordinate and shows are held here. This structure has a capacity of 10,000 people has a great sound and light system

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Istanbul Old City Holiday

Istanbul Tours the time of the Byzantine and Ottoman monuments and buildings, pavilions and numerous mosque is built. occurred first in the sultan ahmet went Hippodrome. Hippodrome in Istanbul to Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine built the oldest structures in time. Hippodrome pamukkale tours horse racing gladiator battles and many shows are held here. Egypt has been particularly obesik 2. In some Asian part of Istanbul kıtasısn the only city on the continent of europe. Istanbul has been the world capital of culture in 2010. many civilizations lived here and made the Byzantine period include Hagia Sophia in 531, very nice in Jesus and Mary are decorated with pictures and mozik. finally getting hippodrome here impartor fountain was built by the Ottoman sultan to get as a gift. istanbul ottoman are made on time and in turn a large number of Topkapi palace palace, Dolmabahcealace and Beylerbeyi place we went. Beylerbeyi palace as a summer There are built in the sea



kanarında uskudar very beautiful and elegant building consists of. Dolmabahce palace has great views of the sea and the Bosphorus and Istanbul are the most bursa tours beautiful place. It was built by Sultan Abdulaziz is the french architect and here there are a large number of articles made of gold. Dolamabahc had a reception hall where a huge celebration of religious ceremonies and entertainment are organized. hand made oil paintings on the walls and is decorated with clocks. Topkapi palace of the Ottoman Empire in both management and were used as living space. very nice mansion has occurred from the harem.7 



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Kusadasi Ephesus Tours

After we had a nice flight with Turkish Airlines Istanbul airport. We went to the star seaside hotel in Kusadasi Private airport transfer. The hotel was very spacious and the large pool. The hotel had a great sea and forest views. We got up early in the morning we met our guide antalya tours and tour with the hotel lobby. first 30 minutes with our quick tour After all organic and natural in the morning without breakfast after a bus ride to Ephesus, we are open-air museum. Ephesus was first located at the top top top Nightingale went to Mary's house. I prayed here plenty of candles and oil lamps blu sewed. Mary House since 1970 by the pope was regarded as a place of pilgrimage and a small house here in the form of the cross. It is also a wish fountain Bulunba Mary, dating from the period. Later, on the ancient road of Ephesus made from very large bronze statue of Mary is located. We came to Ephesus and the first open-air museum is spread over a very large area here. Our tour guide told us a lot more about Ephesus.




Patch here first municipal building homes that sit with people and had a very nice Place belonging to the King which is next to a building. 600 meters in length which trabzon tours are very spacious with a large and long-king way. King of the road is made of marble and decorated with statues and breast milk parts. Entrance had love house with heart sign. Love house with many rooms and had a natural ventilation system. Histiyanlık Ephesus has spread throughout Europe and then spread throughout the city known as the capital city of Ephesus Asia. Ephesus Greece before then ships the goods come with a port city and here the caravans are then spread all over Italy and Europe. We went to Ephesus Celcus Libray in the harbor and this place has two floors and marble statues made of 4 pieces in the front part. Celcus Libary Arabic Greek and Latin manuscripts are located here, and was used as a mausoleum Celcus Libray.

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